I write these notes to solidify concepts for myself. These are not polished, user-friendly blog posts.

Deploying a Flask Application on Ubuntu 16.04
How to Setup a Python3 Development Environment (2018 Edition)
Changing Mouse Sensitivity on Lubuntu 16.04
Separate SSH Key for different Gitlab/Github accounts
Hugo readDir and generating dynamic JSON
Debugging Cron
Python's os.path.isdir() quirk
Change prompt for virtualenv
My 85 year-old grandpa's to-do app
Importance of Deadlines
Designing Database Schemas
Querying with sqlalchemy
SQLAlchemy: Querying
From Script to Package
Dulwich: Python library for managing git
Deployment Architecture
Git: Pushing and Deploying to a Private Server
Sending emails with Python: Sparkpost API
Network Upgrade
Network Architecture: Switches
SQLAlchemy: Mapping & Reflection
Simplifying Classes, Cleaner Interface
Pandas with SQLAlchemy (and Postgres)
Database Sessions and User facing API
Nothing is Something
Structuring an Application
SQLAlchemy with PostgreSQL
Caffeine at ~30
Postgres Setup
RequireJS Basics
Hugo: Create pages without a theme
How to add TLS to a custom domain on Gitlab Pages
Gitlab Pages: A Wordpress Alternative
Set up Selenium with Chrome (Headless)
Setup a python2 dev environment on a Mac
Vagrant and Ansible