Network Upgrade

June 17, 2017

Cisco RV130 Router Manual (PDF)

Issues I set up a network - a router, two access points, a few switches and ~ 15 to 20 devices. Issues that need to be resolved:

  • I want to be able to access the network from the outside.
  • I want to give priority to VOIP devices.
  • Privacy errors when trying to access Google sites (,,
Access Network from the outside

Now the network looks like this:

                                DMARC Switch (supplied by ISP)
                                Cisco Router
                     |                  |             |   
                Cisco Switch    Obihai Device  Fax ATA Device
          |                         |
    TP Link Switch       Netgear Access Point

I’m forwarding a port using the Cisco Router to allow a linux machine on the networking to be accessed from the outside. Currently, the issue here is that after I rebooted the machine remotely, I’m not able to ssh into it. I’m guessing either it didn’t turn on, or it connected wirelessly to the access point. The wireless MAC address doesn’t have a static IP set.

Priority Access to VOIP

The QoS settings need to be configured to allow the LAN ports connected to the Obihai devices to have a higher priority than anything else. I’m not sure how to find out what devices are on the physical ports on the router.

Currently, we’re having upstream issues - customers can’t hear us but we can hear them.

Privacy Errors on Google-owned sites

I don’t know what was causing this. Reading up on similar cases, I set both WAN and LAN DNS to Google’s - and I also disabled Bonjour in the Cisco router’s settings.

This seems to have cleared up the issue.

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