Designing Database Schemas

July 21, 2017

Context Going back to the drawing board, I realized that I complicated matters by involving a database. Defining a schema was harder than I thought. I finally settled on the following for displaying inventory.


I decided I would manually create tables for:

  • color
  • finish
  • location
  • thickness

To determine whats in stock, I would pull a report from the inventory management system, then compare it to the colors table. If the report has a color, the corresponding color, finish, location and thickness from the database.

The pulled fields from the different tables, will be put into a toml file formatted to be used by Hugo.

So all the data for the website will come from the database. The report will be used to just determine whats in stock.

This means manually filling up the database to start with, and then updating it when new colors are added to it.

On a daily basis, however, I’ll only be comparing the report to my own database.

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